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Our students whis Happy Easter to everyone!

In Chelsea House we have prepared an Egg Hunt for this Easter.  

All groups have drawn, painted and written their eggs on cardboard. Their work have been displayed on the wall and everyone who passes by can search for the Easter eggs belonging to different groups and ages! 

Easter is fun! 


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Welcome to our English Class

Welcome to our English Class

At this age, we create a space where little children can feel comfortable learning and playing in English. We read stories, work on phonics, use pencils and colours, and play with flashcards and other games. Marc López
Primary School Year One: At this level it´s important to start working on the written part carefully. We revise the alphabet and play games to teach the spelling of new words. Also, we play other games, which involve counting or actions. We have a lot of fun!  Marc López
Primary School Year Two:

We always start our classes with a game in which we use the vocabulary and structures presented in previous lessons. Then we present a new concept and we watch a short video or we listen to some song related to the topic we are discussing. After that we practise what we have learned using the exercises in the book and/or with activities from other sources, such as letter soups, memory games and crosswords. The aim is to learn English through game…

Carnival has arrived!

Carnival has arrived!
At Chelsea House we also celebrate Carnival! That´s why we paint and cut our masks to decorate our classrooms. 

Students can choose among different ones, such as Venice mask, frog mask, butterfly, seasons mask and moon mask. We also do some exercises in the book about this festivity, Carnival is fun!

It's Christmas time!

Christmas is getting close and we are dedicating part of our class time to Christmas activities.
We are decorating the classroom with materials produced by the children themselves. The teacher comments on the material as the children produce them.
We also learn and sing Christmas carols. The older children have chosen the carols themselves and we have selected carols for the younger children which are suitable for their level of English. 
We work on the specific vocabulary and pronunciation of these carols and we also brainstorm other Christmas vocabulary which the children write on the board.
All of these activities are designed to give children practice with the two most basic skills of language learning: listening and speaking.
We have also included the concept of solidarity as part of the Christmas spirit.